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Dear valued Customers, Business Partners and Colleagues,

At ‘’PKF-Integrated Financial Services TMZ’’ LLC we appreciate the trust our clients place in us. In turn, we aspire and strive to create customer delight by exceeding our customer’s expectations in time, cost and value. Our customer is not just a part of our organization but rather is at the center of all we do. This makes us view your problems as ours and your success as ours. Our passion for customer success and delight is deeply embedded and is clearly reflected in every facet of PKF-IFS, be it from processes to people to philosophy. It is also the rationale behind our perception and functioning as your business partner, an extension of your firm which is distinguished from a mere outsourcing vendor.

We believe it is pivotal to clearly understand our customer’s requirements and satisfy them with cost effective solutions. Consequently we consider it vital to spend time understanding your business, its needs, the reasons for tax advisory and accounting outsourcing and the expectation of it. This helps us to customize our services to meet your requirements.

We strive to add value by applying the best-in-class service and state-of-the-art technology to yours tax & accounting outsourcing function. Further, we re-define your financial processes by re-engineering and applying industry best practices to them. Together, we partner to ensure the maximum & strategic optimization of your tax and accounting function for overall business success.

With over 20 people at present and a constant talent search program in place, we consider our employees are our greatest assets. PKF-IFS is recognized today as reliable tax and accounting business process outsourcing partner and the credit goes to its people. PKF-IFS’s large in-house resource pools includes highly qualified and experienced Business people, Tax Advisors, Certified Public Accountants, analysts, who contribute to our productivity and ensure on-time delivery with world class quality.

By this, we make available the plethora of outsourcing benefits to your business and help you achieve more than cost reduction. Incorporating our services will transform your tax and accounting function to achieve high performance while delivering significant cost savings. Customer satisfaction and delight are always progressive. Our passion for customer delight gives us the energy and focus to always be on the look out for additional ways to delight out customers. Through it all, PKF-IFS differentiates itself through customer delight.

We look forward to being your tax advisor and accounting outsourcing delight.

Contact us to find out how we go about doing so.

Yours Faithfully,

Managing Partner of the PKF-IFS LLC.



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