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Category - 2024-06-14

Mongolia Hosts “Ulaanbaatar Dialogue” for Ninth Time with Participation of Scholars from over 30 Countries

Ulaanbaatar, June 10, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia jointly with ...

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Category - 2024-06-13

Cooperation Documents Between Mongolia and Laos Signed

Ulaanbaatar, June 11, 2024 /MONTSAME/. At the invitation of President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, ...

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Category - 2024-06-12

Mongolian and Lao Businesses Focus on Cooperation in Transportation, Logistics, Farming, and Renewable Energy Fields

Ulaanbaatar, June 12, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The Mongolia-Laos Roundtable Business Meeting was held at the ...

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Category - 2024-06-11

New Thermal Power Plant Put into Operation in the Eastern Region of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, June 6, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The new 50-megawatt (MW) thermal power plant of the “East...

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News - 2024-06-10

President of Laos to Pay State Visit to Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, June 7, 2024 /MONTSAME/. At the invitation of President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, P...

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News - 2024-06-07

Ulaanbaatar City Proposes Changsha City of China to Collaborate on Large Infrastructure Projects

Ulaanbaatar, June 5, 2024 /MONTSAME/. First Deputy Governor of Ulaanbaatar City in charge of Economic...

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News - 2024-06-07

Regional Logistics Center to be Established at the Zamiin-Uud Land Port

Ulaanbaatar, June 3, 2024 /MONTSAME/. Technical and economic feasibility studies and blueprints to tr...

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News - 2024-06-05

Most Traded Stocks in Mongolian Stock Market Named

Ulaanbaatar, June 4, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The value of the Mongolian stock market reached MNT 11.8 trilli...

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News - 2024-06-04

Presidents of Mongolia and Belarus Hold Official Talks

Ulaanbaatar, June 3, 2024 /MONTSAME/. President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa and President of the Re...

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News - 2024-06-03

Construction of Shiveekhuren-Sekhee Cross-Border Railway Completed

Ulaanbaatar, May 29, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The construction of a 6.9 km railway connecting Mongolia's ...

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